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Using We-Connect
Using We-Connect

General questions about We-Connect

How to set up Automated LinkedIn Greeting Messages?Wish happy birthday, Congratulate on job anniversary, new role
Does We-Connect work with a free LinkedIn a/c ? Do I need a Sales Navigator subscription?
How to add 1 or multiple Linkedin profiles to a saved list?Add new LinkedIn contacts to existing campaign
How to import a lead list from Sales Navigatorsaving lead list from sales Navigator
I am an agency. How do I use We-Connect for multiple clients?Agency, multiple clients, add clients, delete clients, switch clients, multiple linkedIn profiles, add LinkedIn profiles
How does a team plan work?
How to use "Saved Replies" feature
How to setup SMTP on your White Label App?SMTP, GMAIL, ZOHO and others, Email set up
How you can create a custom fieldcustom fields, personalization
How can I increase my Invite acceptance rate?increase invite acceptance, low accept rate, get more invites accepted
Selecting multiple contacts for removalbulk delete contacts
How to send invites to LinkedIn premium membersInvite premium members
How to add a team memberAdd team member
LinkedIn Agency Best PracticesAgency best practices
2 minute setup checklistAccount setup checklist
How to withdraw multiple pending invitesbulk withdraw pending invites, auto withdraw pending invites, withdraw multiple pending invites
How to import contacts from RecruiterRecruiter Lite, Recruiter Professional, Recruiter Corporate
Safe Mode
How to create a Group Campaign?Group Message, Group Messaging
How do follow up messages work?understanding sequences, follow up messages scheduling
Why is there a difference in search results count compared to LinkedInincorrect search results, inaccurate search results, bad search results, different search results, search results not the same, wrong data
How to export campaign stats?export stats, download campaign stats
How does CSV file upload feature work?
How to import search from LinkedIn?Importing contacts from LinkedIn and save it as a list.
Message 1st Connections Campaignmessage 1st connections, send messaging campaign
Facts about LinkedIn's weekly invite limit and what you can do about it.
What are "Search" best practices?Search best practice, Search limits
How does Endorse campaign work?Endorse a contact, Endorse top skills on LinkedIn
What data fields can I export and how?Export lists, data, profiles, download lists, profile data, export campaign reports, export emails, download emails, phone numbers, twitter
How to schedule new time and save schedules for campaigns.New schedule time, change schedule, save schedule time, default schedule time, edit schedule.
How to pause/resume an account?pause account, resume account
How do I remove, pause, or blacklist contacts from an active campaign?Remove, Pause, Blacklist contacts from a campaign
Exporting by tagsTags, export by tags, download by tags, search by tag
Using TagsTags, creating tags, searching tags, how to create tag, how to search by tag
Resume Sequence feature explainedWhat is resume sequence, when to resume sequence and how to resume sequence?
How do you save a search on the Sales Navigator?Save search, sales navigator search url, search showing different results
The campaign manager table explained.Pause campaign, stop campaign, resume campaign, set campaign as pending, stop or pause all campaign actions
What is a blacklist, and how does it work?Blacklist, suppression list, unsubscribe contacts
How to filter stats by time periodcustomize dashboard, filter stats by date, campaign stats by date
Activity Logstage of sequence, step of sequence, message of sequence
Duplicate Contact - Status
What are recommended usage guidelines?usage guidelines, usage limits, executing multiple campaigns, campaign limits, sending limits
How to customize Sleep Mode hours
How to share your campaign template?Share campaign template, Export campaign template
How to add, edit or pause a LinkedIn account?BYOIP, Connect LinkedIn Account, Edit LinkedIn Account, Pause LinkedIn Account
How to set up a campaign?Create a new campaign, campaign setup
What is BYOIP? How does it work?Bring your own proxy IP, Use your private proxy IP to connect your LinkedIn account
How to share saved lists, saved replies, templates and schedules?Share your We-Connect data, Export and Import We-Connect campaign data from other LinkedIn accounts
How to add/edit schedule for campaigns?Add new campaign schedule, Edit campaign schedule
How to manage your campaign?Campaign overview, Track campaign, Edit campaign, Monitor campaign progress.
New Replies BadgeReplies
How do I add one or multiple lists to an active campaign?Add multiple lists, Add new list to an active campaign