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LinkedIn Agency Best Practices
LinkedIn Agency Best Practices

Agency best practices

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  1. Expectation setting: Set correct expectations with your clients. Be truthful and explain to your clients the risks and rewards of using LinkedIn automation. Make reasonable promises that you can keep. Example: Currently We-Connect allows sending up-to 100 invites a day. However, the recent LinkedIn Weekly Invite limits may restrict sending only up to 100 invites per week. Try defining your deliverables with some safety clause like we deliver up to xxx invites or leads per month instead of we delivered guaranteed xxx invites or leads per day.

  2. On boarding: In order to create a new we-connect account, you will need (1) clients email address associated with the LinkedIn account & (2) client’s LinkedIn password (3) have the client available to send you the LinkedIn security PIN. The PIN is valid for 10 minutes. Depending on your use case and the type of services you provide, you may need to access your client LinkedIn account on an ongoing basis. For example, you may need to create searches, clear captchas or access the LinkedIn security pin. [It's best if you can add a unique primary email of your choice to your client's LinkedIn account while setting up the account on We-Connect, this way you will always have access to the email, access the security pin, and also access email notifications sent by LinkedIn. You can obviously change the primary email back to your client's email but do keep the email you used to create an account on We-Connect as secondary so you can continue to use the same credentials on We-Connect.]

  3. LinkedIn Profile: Help your client optimize their LinkedIn profile. Please review the two minute set up checklist we have created for you.

  4. How to upgrade and downgrade your plan: Learn how you can upgrade or downgrade your plan, add and delete users, switch users from dashboard, access your billing and invoices etc. All details about your agency plan are covered in this article.

  5. Get familiar with We-Connect. There are 55 plus features that you can use to generate leads and help clients. Please review these features.

  6. Help Library: We have developed an extensive collection of articles, videos, and best practices. We keep updating it from time to time. Please use it to learn more.

  7. Stay tuned: We keep releasing new features. You will automatically get an email notification. If you are not getting our email notifications, please check your notifications settings and your spam folder.

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