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How do follow up messages work?
How do follow up messages work?

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You can schedule up to 10 follow up messages after connecting. The follow-up schedule can be set up based on time zones, hours and days. Once set up, We-Connect will continue to send follow up messages based on your preferences even after the campaign has completed.

For example, consider a new "invite new connection" campaign with 300 contacts and 2 follow up messages with three days interval each. In such a case the campaign will show a completed status after two days ( assuming 100 invites/day limit). However, if a contact accepts the invite after seven days, the 1st follow up message will be sent on the 9th day after the connection, and the 2nd follow up message will be delivered on the 11th day.
In case, the contact replies, the sequences will be automatically stopped at that stage. You can also manually resume the sequence if required. Please read the article on when and how to resume sequence.

If you have opted for the email alert notification, you will also get an email notification for each reply. The email notifications contains the name of the person, campaign name and the actual text of the response.

Please also read this article on how many follow-up messages can be sent each day.

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