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How to manage your campaign?
How to manage your campaign?

Campaign overview, Track campaign, Edit campaign, Monitor campaign progress.

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How to track the campaign’s progress and edit a campaign?

Please watch the video below or continue reading the article:

Go to the “Campaigns” page by clicking on the menu on the left-side menu bar. Then click on the campaign name you want to review from the Campaign Manager table.

Please check the image below:


Once you are on the campaign overview page, you will notice 4 menu tabs on the top, we are currently on the Overview tab which provides high-level details along with stats and progress charts. You can add new lists to the campaign or remove lists from here as well.

You can easily switch to other menu tabs from here by clicking on the menu tab.

Please check the image below:


On the Contacts tab, you can view all the contacts on this campaign along with the status for each contact. Clicking on the contact name highlights the bio of the respective contact on the right-side panel. You can also search for an individual contact by typing the name in the search bar. You can remove, blacklist and tag contacts from this screen. You can also use "select all" or "select current" page to export, bulk remove, tag or blacklist contacts.

You can also sort contacts by status by clicking the "Filter" dropdown. All contacts will have one of these statuses - invited, pending, accepted, failed, completed, removed and blacklisted.

You can further filter by Tags, Message status (ie. Unread Messages, Leads, Follow ups, Archived) and filter by Lists used in the campaign.

You can also add a new list to the campaign from here.

For each contact, on the right side panel you can manually add a tag, add notes, view the activity log, and also view and send a message to the contact if already connected. From the message tab, you can mark the messages as read/unread, mark as lead/remove lead, follow up/remove follow up or archive it. While messaging you can use emojis, attach a file and record a voice note and send it.


The Sequences tab displays all the messaging included in the campaign. You can edit or add the messaging from this screen.

Once you edit the step a save button will appear automatically. Hit save once you are done with it.


You can review and edit the settings including daily action limits, enable or disable randomize feature, advanced filters and campaign schedules from this screen.

Hit the Save button to confirm the changes to your campaign.

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