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How does CSV file upload feature work?
How does CSV file upload feature work?
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If you have a list of people with their LinkedIn profile URLs, you can upload it into we-connect and create your campaign.

It's super easy to upload a file. However, I want to give you a few essential tips before you upload your file.

  1. Make sure the file you are uploading is either your 1st connections or your 2nd/3rd plus connections. You should not upload a file that contains both types of connections.

  2. If you are not sure what type of connections your file contains, please de-dupe your file with your 1st-degree connections before importing it into we-connect. You can quickly download a file of your 1st connections directly from your LinkedIn a/c and de-dupe your data.

  3. If you select your file as 2nd/3rd plus connection file and it also contains 1st connections or vice versa, your file will still get imported. However, you can encounter some issues. For example, an invite will not be sent if the contact is already your 1st connection and you uploaded your file as 2nd/3rd plus connection. The contact will appear as a failed status in your campaign, dashboard, and campaign report files.

  4. Make sure that your file contains LinkedIn profile URLs for each contact. LinkedIn profile URL is a mandatory field. Contacts without the profile URL field will be skipped.

  5. If your CSV file contains additional column headers, we-connect will automatically map five column headers. Namely: (1) First name (2) Middle Name, (3) Last Name, (4) Company Name, and (5) LinkedIn Profile URL. If, for some reason, you do not see these columns automatically mapped, you will see the option to map the columns before you import the file. You also have the option of mapping two custom variables. You can choose any two variables like Industry, geography, etc. as your custom variables. We-Connect will skip any extra column headers as they are not needed.

  6. We currently support only LinkedIn profile URL's. We do not support Sales Navigator or Recruiter profile URL's

  7. You can use this upload CSV file feature to run any of the five types of campaigns depending on the type of your list. For your information, the 2nd/3rd plus connections file can be used to create "invite new connections" "Auto follow" and "Visit Profile" campaign. 1st connections file can be used for "Message 1st connections" and "endorse contacts" campaigns. The files will appear visible or invisible accordingly in the file selection dropdown at the campaign creation stage.

  8. The uploaded file can not be used as a suppression file to exclude contacts from your campaigns.

  9. Mac users may need to save the CSV file as windows comma separated (.csv)

  10. When you upload your csv file you may notice some null records. These records will populate gradually as they get mapped to our database or when you start your campaign.

  11. The maximum file size should not exceed 1 MB.

Here is a video on how to upload the file in We-Connect.

Important: Please note that it is not mandatory to map the column headers. You should map the column headers only if you want to use the data from your CSV file as primary data. If you do not map the column headers, We-Connect will anyway pull all the relevant data from LinkedIn Profile URL. When you map the CSV column headers, the import overrides the default LinkedIn profile data. Example: The first name in the CSV file is “Bob,” and the first name on the LinkedIn profile is “Robert.” If you map the first name column header, the data will appear as the first name “Bob.” If you do not map the first name column header, the first name “Robert” will get pulled from the LinkedIn Profile. Remember the only mandatory data field is LinkedIn profile URL

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