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How to send free InMails to Open Profiles
How to send free InMails to Open Profiles

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We-Connect helps you automate sending free InMails to certain premium members. These members are called “open profile” members. In other words, you can send messages to open profiles without connecting with them. The messages are sent as free InMails from your LinkedIn account like in the screenshot below.

This technique can speed up your lead generation process as you need not wait for your invite to be accepted. And, it does not use your InMail credits.

When you save a search, we-connect can automatically detect the open profiles. You can save these "open profiles" as a separate list and create an entire campaign for Open Profiles. Subsequently, you can create a new campaign for the LinkedIn premium members and others. We-connect simplifies this process for you. Please see the notes below.

Follow these steps:

1. Save the search in we-Connect as you usually do. If you are new to We-connect, check our help section for article search best practices.

2. Go to to "my folder" and click the name of the search from where you need to identify the open profiles.

3. From the Filter List dropdown, select "open profile." We-Connect will detect and display only open profiles. Now save the List and give it a name.

4. The new list of only the open profiles will now appear on your my folder. Click the red + button on the top right of your screen to create a campaign.

5. Now create a campaign as you usually do. Please select “saved list” from the lead source and select the Open profile list you just saved

6. You can then Create your sequence and the option to send an InMail message will appear, then select save and continue

7. Enter your Daily message Actions limit then Choose your schedule time and hit “Continue"

Review your Setup, Messaging & Settings by clicking the + icon. Click the “Launch” button.

If you are new to We-Connect and need help creating a campaign, please check our help section to learn about how to setup a campaign?


  1. You can’t send a follow-up or a second InMail message to a LinkedIn member until they respond to your initial InMail. LinkedIn does not allow this. Please see this article from LinkedIn.

  2. We recommend using search URL method for saving a search if you want We-Connect to automatically identify open profiles. We cannot automatically identify open profiles from a CSV file.

  3. We-Connect bot can map the "Open profiles" & "Premium" badges from sales navigator and recruiter searches, however, we cannot map it when you import Lead lists. From regular LinkedIn search we can only map the "Premium" badge.

  4. Open profiles are by default Premium members but all premium members are not open profiles.

  5. Premium Profiles selection filters all LinkedIn premium profiles excluding open profiles. Please see this article if you want to learn how to create Invite campaign for LinkedIn premium profile members.

  6. Other filter shows all profiles excluding Open Profiles and Premium profiles.

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