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What is a blacklist, and how does it work?
What is a blacklist, and how does it work?

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If you do not want to contact specific people ever via We-Connect, you can now blacklist such people. For example, you may want to blacklist someone that has requested to stop contacting an existing customer, competitor, or partner. Blacklisting is like you unsubscribing a contact from all your current and future outreach campaigns.

Once you blacklist a contact, it gets suppressed from all the We-connect campaigns. You will not be able to invite, message, endorse, follow, or visit profiles of such contacts via a We-connect campaign.

Watch this video:

Simply go to your Settings menu and choose the blacklist option and click add new:

You will have 3 options. Single contact, bulk contacts, or upload a CSV file and blacklist the entire file directly.

For Single and Bulk add options, you can select the blacklist type; per Company name, Contact name, Job title, or Profile URL.

Also, you can blacklist a single contact or multiple contacts from three other places within We-Connect.

1. Contacts tab of any campaign: Click the contacts tab once you are in the campaign-overview page, select the contacts, and click the blacklist icon.

2. Saved Lists: Click the list name from โ€œMy Folder,โ€ choose the contacts, and click the blacklist icon.

3. My Contacts: Select the contacts, and click the Blacklist button on the top right of the page. Note that the blacklist button appears after you select the contacts.

How to remove contacts from the blacklist.

You can access all your blacklisted contacts from your settings.

Go to settings, then click the Blacklist tab, select the contact you want to remove from the blacklist table and click the remove icon. You can also bulk-remove by selecting multiple contacts or selecting all. A pop-up will appear, asking if you are sure. Click remove, and the contacts will be removed from the blacklist.

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