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The campaign manager table explained.
The campaign manager table explained.

Pause campaign, stop campaign, resume campaign, set campaign as pending, stop or pause all campaign actions

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Stop or pause a campaign.

You can either stop or pause an active campaign.

To stop or pause one or multiple active campaigns, select the campaign by clicking on the checkbox and you will see the stop and pause buttons on the top right. Click on the pause or stop button to action it. You may also pause by clicking on the pause icon under the actions column one at a time.

Please note that pausing the campaign stops sending the invites but continues to send the follow-up messages.

On the other hand, stopped campaigns means all actions will stop sending from that campaign.

Please check the image below:

Resume campaign.

You can resume one or multiple campaigns at the same time. Please select the campaign(s) and click the play button on the top right of your campaign manager table to resume stopped or paused campaign(s). You may also resume by clicking on the play icon under the actions column one at a time. Please check the image below:

Set the campaign as pending.

You can set one or multiple campaigns as pending. Once you set a campaign as pending it will automatically resume when the other active campaign(s) are completed. Please check the image below:

Multiple pending campaigns

If you have multiple pending campaigns, they activate based on the “First created, First active” rule. Example: You created campaign A at 10.00 AM, campaign B at 11.00 AM and, campaign C at 12.00 PM. The Campaigns A, B, and C will appear in pending status and will activate in the same order in which they were created.

However, if you want to jump the order and activate campaign C, you can pause campaigns A and B.

You can also set the paused campaigns as pending in the order you want them to activate.

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