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How to create a LinkedIn Events Campaign
How to create a LinkedIn Events Campaign

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1. Go to your LinkedIn account and identify the event whose attendees you want to target. You will first need to register for the event.

For example, I have already registered for this event, "SAAS Companies - Mastering AI Content for Optimal Growth." Click on the attendees.

2. If you want you can also filter the attendees based on the filters LinkedIn provides. Copy the LinkedIn results URL.

3. Go to the Campaign Manager and click “Add New” button.

Please check the screenshot below:

Import search: Enter a campaign name and then select "LinkedIn events" from the Search lead source, paste the "LinkedIn event results URL" and give a name to your list and hit continue. Please check the screenshot below:

4. Create your campaign sequence: In step 1, click on the action type and select the "Message Event Attendee" from the dropdown window, enter the appropriate message and hit save. You can continue to add more steps if needed.

5. Settings: Enter your daily actions limits, you can randomize the actions by enabling the "Randomize Daily Actions" switch, you can select any if the advanced filters if needed, lastly select a campaign schedule and hit continue.

6. Review your campaign sequence and settings: Just click the + icon to expand it. Once you have reviewed it, click the “Launch” button to send the campaign.

Note: The daily max limit for Event campaign is 50 messages per day.

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