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How to send invites to LinkedIn premium members
How to send invites to LinkedIn premium members

Invite premium members

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We-Connect helps you automatically identify LinkedIn premium members so that you can add them to an "invite campaign". This technique can speed up your lead generation process as Premium members are more active on LinkedIn and are likely to respond faster.

Follow these steps:

1. Save the search in we-Connect as you usually do. If you are new to We-connect, check our help section for articles on search best practices.

2. Go to "Saved Lists" section and click the search's name from where you need to identify the premium members.


3. From the Filter list dropdown, select "Premium." We-Connect will detect and display only premium members. Now save the list and give it a name. Please note that the premium filter excludes the profiles that are also open profiles.


4. The new list of only the premium members will now appear on your Saved Lists table. Click the red circle + button on the top right of your screen to create a campaign.


5. You can create a smart campaign to this list. If you are new to We-Connect and need help creating a campaign, then please check this article.


1. Open profiles are by default Premium members, but all premium members are not "open profiles." Therefore when you select Premium members, We-Connect filters and shows only those premium profiles that are not "Open profiles."

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