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How to set up a campaign?
How to set up a campaign?

Create a new campaign, campaign setup

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Our Smart Campaign Revolution!

Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of creating multiple campaigns for different actions! With our newly enhanced “Smart campaign,” you can customize various campaign actions based on specific "if and then" conditions. This means you can seamlessly integrate multiple campaign actions into one, saving time and effort.

Please watch this video or continue reading the article below:

Please follow the steps below to set up a new campaign in We-Connect.

Go to your “campaigns” page from the left side menu bar and click ”Add new” campaign. Please check the image below:

Once you are in the campaign setup page, give your campaign a name and select the lead source. Please check the image below:

Let me quickly explain the five types of lead sources.

  1. Search - In the ‘search'' selection, you can bring in search results directly from LinkedIn by pasting the LinkedIn search URL.

  2. Saved Lists - The ‘saved list'' tab allows you to use any of your previously saved lists.

  3. Paste profile URL's - You can paste a single or multiple LinkedIn profile URLs.

  4. CSV import - The CSV import feature allows you to upload the CSV file containing the LinkedIn profile URL.

  5. LinkedIn contacts - The “LinkedIn contacts'' feature allows you to import synced contacts with LinkedIn.

Let's use the “LinkedIn search URL” option as the lead source for this article. There are 4 search types:

  1. LinkedIn Search URL - When this type is selected then you can paste search results URL from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator or Recruiter.

  2. LinkedIn Group URL - When this type is selected you can paste Group URL or search results URL from Sales Navigator with group filter.

  3. LinkedIn Events - When this type is selected you can paste the LinkedIn event attendees results URL from LinkedIn.

  4. LinkedIn Posts - When this type is selected you can paste the post URL from LinkedIn to import a list of contacts engaged in a LinkedIn post.

Let's select LinkedIn search URL as the lead source and paste the LinkedIn search URL, give the list a name, you can either choose 1st connections or 2nd and 3rd connections. Please check the image below:

Based on your choice of the connections type, the actions on the steps will vary to the contacts in the list.

Let's continue to the next step where you can set up your campaign sequences, based on the list type, you will have the appropriate actions available for each step. The options available for the search list we have chosen in the previous steps are:


-Invite to connect

-Like a post

-Visit profile

Please check the image below:

Let me select the first action to send an invite, you can type an invite message or select a previously saved message template, or use our AI writer to generate your message.

Please check the image below:

Once the invite message is created, hit save and click the plus icon to create the 2nd step, since the 1st step is to invite to connect, the 2nd step will have 2 options:

  1. Choose actions if the invite is accepted and

  2. Choose actions if the invite is not accepted

If invite accepted, you can select the following actions:


-Follow up message

-Like a Post

-Visit profile

If invite is not accepted, then you can select the following actions:

-Do nothing

-Like a post

-Visit profile

-Withdraw invite

Please check image below:

Go ahead and select the appropriate actions for these scenarios and continue to add further steps based on your requirements. You can add as many steps as you want and the sequence will stop as soon as you get a reply from the contact. So you need not worry about sending unwanted messages.

Let's continue to the settings section, here you can change your daily action limits (the default is set to 50). You can also turn on the switch to randomize actions to mimic humans and avoid bot behavior.

In the advanced filters, you have the options to refine the list further, options below:

-Excluding contacts that another team member is working on helps you avoid duplication. -Excluding contacts with less than 500 connections helps you prioritize better-networked individuals.

-Excluding profiles without profile pictures helps you avoid non-serious LinkedIn members. -Selecting premium profiles helps you connect with highly active LinkedIn members.

-Open network members are open to receiving messages from people they are not connected with.

Please check the image below:

If you select these options wisely, you can increase your reply rate and save your daily action limits.

Lastly, the campaign schedule. The default campaign schedule is 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM Eastern Time. You can customize the schedule by creating a new schedule. To edit or add a new schedule, click on the schedule form and then click Add new button to create a new schedule. Name your schedule, select your time zone, and select the days by clicking on the icons with first letter of the days eg. M, T, W, T. F, S, S.

Please check the image below:

In the above image I have only selected Monday and Tuesday, simply click on the other letters on the icon to select other days. You can also have different start or end time for each day as well.

Finally, let's move on the review page, here you can review the details of the setup you have done for the campaign by expanding each section. The campaign details section will show your campaign name and the list used. The sequence section will show all the steps you have created, you can click on each step to view more details such as both the “accepted” and “not accepted” scenarios. Lastly, the settings sections, here you can review the daily action limits, check if you have enabled randomize feature, the campaign schedule and the advanced filter if you have selected any.

Please check the image below:

Once everything is reviewed, just click on the launch button and confirm the action. Voila, you have created your first We-Connect campaign. Congrats!

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