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What are recommended usage guidelines?
What are recommended usage guidelines?

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1. Weekly limit for all actions is 700 per LinkedIn account.

2. Action includes any task that is automated using We-Connect like sending connection requests, sending, messages, follow up, visit profile, endorse, withdraw invite etc.



Invite Campaign

LinkedIn has a quota of 100 connection requests per week. We-Connect is able to bypass this quota.

We recommend that you should send up to 200 connection requests per week.

If you have a new LinkedIn account, please switch to Safe Mode and send only 15 connection requests per day.

Message 1st connections

100 messages/day

Max caps apply to each campaign

Follow-up messages

100 days/ across all campaigns.

In case the total exceeds the max cap for the day, the overflow will be queued and sent the next day.

Visit Profile

100 visits/day

For a new LinkedIn account with < 100 connections, start with <25 visits/day and increase gradually over time.

Endorse Skills


Auto Follow


Free InMails to Open Profiles


Group Messaging


Auto Withdraw Invites


Multiple Campaigns

100 actions across all campaign types.

Smart Sequences

700 actions per week


  1. Minimum connections: You must have a minimum of 100 1st connections before you start using the automation tool.

  2. Sleep Mode: We-Connect software needs to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours every 24 hours. Consider it as regular sleep hours of a human being. The default sleep mode is from 10.00 PM to 6.00 AM Eastern Time. However, you can customize the sleep mode hours to your schedule. Please read this article to learn how to change sleep mode hours.


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