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How to add/edit schedule for campaigns?
How to add/edit schedule for campaigns?

Add new campaign schedule, Edit campaign schedule

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It's important to select a schedule for your campaigns. The default schedule and time zone is set to start Monday to Friday from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM Eastern Time. However, you can create a new and custom schedule for your campaigns. There are 2 ways to add a new schedule:

While creating a new campaign.

To add, edit or select a schedule, just click on the schedule form while you are setting up your campaign and when the schedule popup appears, click on Add new button.

If you have already created a custom schedule, then you can click on the current schedule name and select from the dropdown window.

Please check the image below:

To create a new schedule. Name your schedule, select your time zone, and select the days by clicking on the icons with first letter of the days eg. M, T, W, T. F, S, S.

You can turn the days ON/OFF by clicking on day icon. As you can see in the image below I have selected Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can also have different start or end time for each day as well.

Let's say, you have selected different start time for each day and if you want to quickly change it to one standard time, just select the most appropriate time you want to push to all days and then click on set to all link displayed for that day. Once clicked all days will have the same start and end time. Please check the image below:

From the Schedules page in the Settings menu.

You can add or edit a schedule from the schedules page in the settings menu. Please check the image below:

To share the schedule with another LinkedIn account in your plan, just select the schedule and hit the share the button. You will get a dropdown window to select the appropriate LinkedIn account you want to share it with, just select and hit share.

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