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How does Endorse campaign work?
How does Endorse campaign work?

Endorse a contact, Endorse top skills on LinkedIn

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You can run an endorse contacts campaign to automatically endorse up to three top skills of your existing 1st-degree connections. Follow the steps below to create an endorse campaign:

1. Go to the campaigns menu page and click "Add new" button. Please check the image below:

2. On the campaign setup page, start by entering the campaign name, choose search as the lead source and select LinkedIn search URL from the search type. Once done, you will see the form to enter search URL (paste the search URL you have copied from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator), then enter the list name in the form below that and select 1st connections as the connection type and hit continue. Please check the image below:

3. On the sequences tab, you can create multiple action types apart from just endorsing a profile. For eg. you can set your 1st sequence step to Endorse and the 2nd step to send a Message etc. You can create as many steps you need and hit continue. Please check the image below:

4. On the settings tab, you can add the daily action limits, randomize the actions, select appropriate advanced filters such as "Exclude contacts if found in another campaign" etc. and create a custom schedule for the campaign. Please check the image below:

5. Lastly, you can review the campaign details, sequences and settings make any corrections if needed and finally launch the campaign.

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