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How to add, edit or pause a LinkedIn account?
How to add, edit or pause a LinkedIn account?

BYOIP, Connect LinkedIn Account, Edit LinkedIn Account, Pause LinkedIn Account

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Connect LinkedIn Account

To add a LinkedIn account to your We-Connect plan, follow the steps below:

You can add a new LinkedIn profile by clicking the “add new button” when you hover on the LinkedIn Profile icon on the top right or the “add new” button from the LinkedIn Accounts page.

Please check the images below:

On the Connect a LinkedIn account page, please enter the following details:

  1. Your LinkedIn email and password.

  2. Select the time zone you want to use for sending your campaigns (You can change it later from the settings page if needed).

  3. Choose your “sleep hours. (During the sleep mode hours, the We-Connect bot stops syncing with your LinkedIn account to safeguard your account. The default sleep mode hours will be from 10.00 PM to 6.00 AM as per the time zone you have selected).

  4. Choose your location, i.e., from where you normally access your LinkedIn account, and We-Connect will automatically assign an IP address based on the location you select.

    Alternatively, you can bring your own private proxy IP. To setup your proxy IP, enable the "Use your own IP" switch and a popup will appear to fill in the required details to set up your private proxy IP. For more information about BYOIP, please read this article.

  5. Finally, select the checkbox to confirm that your LinkedIn email and password are the same as you used to log in to your LinkedIn account and hit continue (This step is to ensure you are entering the correct LinkedIn credentials and to avoid multiple bot connections).

    Please check the image below:

We-Connect will now connect with LinkedIn, and this may take a few minutes. Please do not close the window. It may trigger a security PIN. Please check your email (If you have enabled 2FA on your LinkedIn account, you will get the security PIN on your mobile device). In case you get a PIN, please enter and submit. That's all!

It might take a few minutes to sync with your LinkedIn account.

Edit LinkedIn Account

You can edit any LinkedIn account by clicking the “edit” icon in the actions column on your “LinkedIn accounts’ table. Once edit icon is clicked, you will have the option to edit the LinkedIn email, Password, Time Zone, Sleep Hours, Location or edit or remove your own IP if you have previously added. Please check the image below:

Pause or Resume multiple LinkedIn Accounts

You can now pause or resume one or multiple LinkedIn accounts from Manage LinkedIn Accounts page. Just select the LinkedIn account you want to pause or resume and action it. Please check the image below:

Should you have questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team is always here to help.

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