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What is BYOIP? How does it work?
What is BYOIP? How does it work?

Bring your own proxy IP, Use your private proxy IP to connect your LinkedIn account

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BYOIP means "bring your own IP address".

We aim to make your experience seamless and secure at We-Connect. BYOIP is a significant step towards achieving this goal and giving you even greater control over your LinkedIn account management.

Please watch this below video or continue reading the article:

Let me explain. When you log in to your LinkedIn account, Linkedin tracks your IP address. You may have noticed that LinkedIn asks you to do a PIN verification when you log in from a different location (especially a different country) or device. That's one way LinkedIn ensures that unauthorized access is not granted to your account.

We automatically assign you an IP address based on your selected location when you add your LinkedIn account in We-Connect. However, in certain situations, our customers, especially those that manage multiple clients, may also need to log in to their client's LinkedIn accounts. In such situations, it is recommended to use one IP address that you, your client, or your team members can use to log in to the respective LinkedIn account. This way, you can avoid getting PIN verification each time and keep your LinkedIn account safe.

We at We-Connect understand this need and offer you an easy way to bring your own IP. That way We-Connect bot will also now access the respective LinkedIn account with the same IP address.

Here is how you can bring your own IP address to We-Connect.

Go to ‘LinkedIn Accounts” page from your left side menu bar. Click the “add new” or "edit” button ( in case you want to edit an existing LinkedIn account) from the Manage LinkedIn Accounts table. Click on the switch to enable the “use your own IP”. Once you see a popup form please enter the following details from your proxy provider:

-IP Address

-Port no.

-User name


click “save.”

Please check the image below:

That's all! You can now prospect safely!

Should you have questions or need assistance with BYOIP or any other aspect of our platform, our dedicated support team is always here to help.

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