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How does a team plan work?
How does a team plan work?
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We-Connect offers team plan for organizations to streamline billing. The admin of the organization can now invite team users by selecting user-type Private to manage their LinkedIn account and campaigns. This feature is appropriate for situations where a team user wants to keep their LinkedIn account and profile data private and only share the campaign stats with the organization admin.

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There is no specific plan-type or subscription name called team plan, there are only 2 subscription plans to select from [We-Connect Monthly or We-Connect Annual]. However, once you have subscribed to a plan with enough number of seats you will be able to invite your team members with Private access. When this user-type Private is selected and invited:

1. The user will get an email notification from We-Connect to accept and join your plan. And once the team user accepts the invite and join the plan. This user can add and connect their LinkedIn account on We-Connect.

Note: Only one LinkedIn account can be added by a Private user.

2. The Private user will have access only to their LinkedIn account and cannot see or access any other LinkedIn accounts managed by the admin.

3. The admin will not be able to switch or access the LinkedIn account of a Private user.

4. The admin can only access the campaign stats via the reports page in the admin account.

5. The admin can remove the user-type Private but their LinkedIn account cannot be deleted from We-Connect. Once the user-type Private is removed from the admin plan, the Private user account will immediately expire but all campaign data will be available to the Private user if the user would like to subscribe to a plan again.

Note: Private user can delete their LinkedIn account and We-Connect account.

How to add team members and provide additional access permissions.

Go to “My Team” under ‘Setting” and click “Add New”

Fill in the necessary details like Name, Email, password, select ‘Private” from the dropdown and click “ Invite Team Member”.

Optionally, you can also grant additional permissions to the new team member. Just toggle the “Permissions” button. You can now select “read” or “Read & Write” permissions to your billing page, team page and access to Linkedin accounts' main inbox.

Read-only permissions will allow the team user to only view the billing and team page. Whereas Read & Write permissions will allow the team user to manage the billing and other team users.

By default, the main inbox is enabled. When you choose "none", the member will not have access to the main inbox but they will still have access to the Replies tab in the campaign overview page where they can read and reply if needed.

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