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How to add a team member
How to add a team member

Add team member

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Team member is a person on your team whom you want to give access to your We-Connect account enabling the team member to manage your account. The team member does not need to have a LinkedIn account and is not considered as a seat for billing purposes. In other words it does not cost you extra to add a team member.

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Please follow the below process to add a team member.

Click Add New button from your team page under the settings section

Fill in the necessary details like Name, Email, password, select ‘Shared” from the dropdown and click “ Invite Team Member”.

Note: Private user option is for adding a private user with a LinkedIn account. This option will cost you an extra seat. Please read this article if you want to learn more about " How does a team plan work"

You can choose from four access levels.

If you choose to give read-only or full access to specific accounts, please select the specific LinkedIn accounts from the next dropdown. Please see the screenshot below.

Optionally, you can also grant additional permissions to the new team member. Just toggle the “Permissions” button. You can now select “read” or “Read & Write” permissions to your billing page, team page and access to Linkedin accounts' main inbox.

Read-only permissions will allow the team user to only view the billing and team page. Whereas Read & Write permissions will allow the team user to manage the billing and other team users.

By default, the main inbox is enabled. When you choose "none", the member will not have access to the main inbox but they will still have access to the Replies tab in the campaign overview page where they can read and reply if needed.

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