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How to use AI writer feature in We-Connect?
How to use AI writer feature in We-Connect?

AI Writer, Generate content using AI

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Creating LinkedIn messages can be time-consuming, and we aim to simplify the process for you. With AI Writer, you can create messages in seconds, giving you more time to focus on your core tasks. Our AI Writer uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to suggest relevant and engaging content based on the context of the message. You can edit, personalize, and also save the messages as templates.

You will see the option to choose the AI writer once you are in the message sequence creation part of your campaign. Please see below:

Please enter a detailed prompt for the AI to generate relevant content for you. Once the content is generated, you can click regenerate button for multiple variants.

You will no longer have to leave the We-Connect app to create your LinkedIn invite and follow-up messages. It’s like having “Chat GPT” within the We-Connect app. You can now generate personalized messages within the app, allowing you to connect with your professional network seamlessly.

Please note:

1. You can only generate up to 3 max responses per prompt.

2. Please update the example variables generated by the AI with the correct name variables.

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