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How to add 1 or multiple Linkedin profiles to a saved list?
How to add 1 or multiple Linkedin profiles to a saved list?

Add new LinkedIn contacts to existing campaign

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You can add individual Linkedin profile URLs to your existing saved lists in We-Connect.

Adding Linkedin profiles to a Saved List.

1. Please navigate to My Folder menu and click on Saved Lists:

2. Click on the list that you want to add a Linkedin profile.

3. Once in, click on the + button to trigger the pop up and paste the Linkedin profile URL into the form and hit add.

4. To add multiple LinkedIn profiles, please hit the "Bulk Add" link next to the Add button, once clicked you can enter multiple LinkedIn profiles URL with either line separated or comma separated. Please check the image below:


  1. Please check for the correct LinkedIn profile URL format before inserting it. The correct format is:

  2. Please ensure that the profiles you are adding to the saved list are based on the type of list. For eg.

    -If you have saved a list of 2nd and 3rd+ connections (the list type is contacts), please do not add 1st connections to the list.

    -Similarly if you have a list of 1st connections (the list type is connections) then do not add 2nd and 3rd+ connections to that saved list.

    -Also adding profiles to list type Groups, Event Attendees, Post, Open Profiles may fail if the profiles added are not from those specific list type.

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