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How can I get my Invoices?

The invoices are automatically emailed to the email address associated with your account.

Why am I not receiving my invoicing automatically?

You may have unsubscribed from all We-Connect notifications. Please subscribe again and you will start getting your invoices automatically. You can subscribe from the “Notifications” section under “Settings”.

Also please check your spam or other folders and mark [email protected] as a safe sender.

Can I download my previous invoices?

Yes, you can download your invoices from the “Invoices” section in your billing section.

Can I edit my billing details?

Yes, you can change the following fields on your invoice?

1. Your name

2. Your Company name - In case you want to add your company name.

3. Billing Email - in case you want to automatically send the invoices to a different email address.

4. Billing Address

5. Invoice Notifications

Just click the “Edit billing details” section to edit/add any of the above fields.

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