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How to set up White Label App
How to set up White Label App
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Welcome to We-Connect!

I am glad that you are considering setting up a white label account. This article provides all the steps of setting up White Label app. We have designed our white label in a way that you can set it up yourself without much technical knowledge. Once you pay the White label fees, you will land at this page (screenshot below).

(The screenshot above shows that your “White Label” account is active now because we are using screenshots from a preconfigured account).

Please click the “Customize App” button to start customizing your Whitelabel app.

Once you are inside the Whitelabel setup page, you will see the following four sub menus.

(1) Custom Domain

(2) Branding

(3) SMTP and

(4) More Settings.

Let's walk through these one by one.

(1) Setting up a custom domain.

1. Create a CNAME (Eg: and point it to "".

2. Create a CNAME (Eg: and point it to ""

If you do not know how to configure a cname, click the “How to configure CNAME” link to read the article.

Once you have set up the CNAME, click the “Next” button on the bottom right of the screen (please check the screenshot below).

(2) Branding.

First, let's customize the App.

Fill in the form fields. The window on the right panel will reflect the information you fill in real time. The window basically shows you the progress as you go through the branding steps.

Please type your company name. Notice the name appears on the top left.

Now provide an email address that you would like us to use to contact you for customer support.

Now upload your Favicon, Logo, and Logo Icon. Watch how it looks on the right-side panel window.

Next customize your Menu color, background color and font color. Try a few free variations and finalize the colors you like or those that best represent your brand (please check the screenshot below).

Now lets customize the “Registration page”. This is where your customers can directly sign up on your website.

Please click the “Register button” adjacent to the “App” button.

Customize it the same way you did in the previous step by uploading the logo and selecting the colors.

Now input the URL of your “Terms” page. If you do not have a “Terms'' page, you will need to create one. You can include whatever terms you want your customers to agree to at the time of registration. These terms could include your subscription, billing, cancellation, refund policy etc.

Once you provide the URL, your customer will be able to click the link “Terms & conditions” and view your terms and check the box “ I agree to the terms and conditions”. Your customer will not be able to complete the registration unless the box is checked.

Now lets click the “ Next Button”

(3) SMTP Setup.

Configure a custom email address [[email protected]] for sending notification emails from your app to your customers. This will be set as the From address of the email instead of default [email protected].

To add your custom email, please follow the steps in the screenshot below.

Now click the “Click the Test SMTP settings button. If you did all the settings correctly, you will see the “ Your settings are correct” message (check the screenshot below for your reference).

If you do not know how to set up SMTP, please click the link on the page (check the screenshot above) that says "How to setup SMTP? and read the article to learn more.

You can view, customize and disable the type of notifications you want to send to your customers by clicking the Edit Email Content button. Once you click the button, you will see the content of all the different type of email notifications. You can edit the content, subject line or disable it by clicking the template name (check the screenshot below).

Once you are done, please click the “Back” button (check screenshot below).

Now click the next button to go to the the final step.

(4) More Settings.

All of these settings are optional and are disabled by default. You can enable these just by clicking the button for each settings and complete the necessary field values.

(a) Help Center URL: If you have a help section for your customers with articles, videos, best practices, sales hacks or FAQ’s you can provide it here and your customers will be able to access it from within your app like you see one in We-Connect app (check screenshot below).

(b) Next provide the Meta Description for your site for the purpose of SEO.

(c) You can optionally integrate “ Intercom” chat support if you use or intend to use Intercom in the future. Just provide the Intercom ID and the access token from your Intercom account (check screenshot below).

(d) If you want to automatically collect credit card payments from your customers when they create an account on your site and also the monthly recurring payments, you can integrate Stripe in your app (check screenshot below).

Once you enter the Stripe public and private keys, just click "Initialize Stripe Plans & Webhooks" button to create a sample plan and integration. You can then create your actual plans and delete the sample plans.

(e) You can also optionally choose to offer a free trial to your customers. Just select the number of days you want to offer as a free trial. Please note that you will be offering free trials to your customers at your cost. We will continue to bill you for the number of seats you have on your subscription plan with us (check the screenshot below).

(f) Finally, the “Maintenance mode” it's for rare situations in case the app is down for maintenance.

Click’ Save changes on the top, once done your app will be fully customized and ready to go live.

Once your App is live, you can manage your customers, view their accounts, see & edit their campaigns, settings etc. from the customers menu (check the screenshot below).

Click the first icon under the Actions column for the customer you want to manage and and you will automatically be taken to the customer account in a new tab. You do not need the login credentials of the customer for this action.

You can also view the LinkedIn accounts being used by your customers. Just click the LinkedIn accounts button on the top (check the screenshot below).

You can view more details of each LinkedIn account by clicking the first expand icon under the actions.

You can also add customers manually by clicking the “Add customer” button (check the screenshot below).

This can be helpful in situations where you do not want your customers or a specific customer to signup directly on your website. You can also use this option in case you do not want to automatically collect the credit card payment. Just uncheck the payment information box (check the screenshot below).

Click the “send invite button and the customer will be sent an email to set up their password.

If you experience any issues during the set up or have additional questions please start a chat with us from our website or from within the app. We provide chat support from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM EST, Monday - Friday. In case you work outside our support hours, please leave your questions in the chat window and we will get back to you as soon as we are available. Please provide clear details of the issue you are experiencing or the question you have.

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