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How to import contacts from Recruiter
How to import contacts from Recruiter

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Here are the steps to import contacts from recruiter into we-connect:

1. Create a new search by selecting your criteria and hit search.

2. Once the search results load, go to search history page (pls check the image below):

From the search history page, select the last search you have executed (you will also see the search parameters displayed there for your reference) and right click to copy the link address (pls check the image below).

You can also load the search from the search history table and then copy the URL from the browser once the search results are loaded (pls check the image below):

3. Paste the above Recruiter search URL string or the URL from your search history table in We-Connect search bar. (Select one of the options below the search bar. Select 1st connections if your search contains your 1st connections or select 2nd+ connections if your search contains contacts that are not your 1st connections yet (check the image below for your reference).

4. The search may take a few minutes to display your results. As soon as you see the results (no need to wait here to see full results), please save the search by clicking the "Save" icon. Once you click this icon, you will be able to give a name to your search on the next screen. You can compose your message and save your message templates while your search is loading in the background.

In the above article we have demonstrated how to import contacts from Recruiter Lite search history.

You can now import contacts from Recruiter projects and saved searches as well. The process remains the same, you need to copy the URL from your projects or saved searches and paste it on We-Connect search page to import the contacts list.


LinkedIn doesn't allow 2 concurrent sessions on a recruiter plan.

The regular campaign actions should work fine even if you are logged into recruiter, as the actions are done on LinkedIn platform and not on recruiter. However, to avoid LinkedIn triggering security pins, we recommend that while importing the list from recruiter you should not be logged into your recruiter account.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to start a live chat with us.

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