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Resume Sequence feature explained
Resume Sequence feature explained

What is resume sequence, when to resume sequence and how to resume sequence?

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The goal of sending LinkedIn follow-up messages is to get a reply from the recipient. Once the reply is received, you want to send a customized message based on the response. We-Connect, therefore, stops the automated message sequence once it detects a reply allowing you to respond manually.

However, there are situations when a reply does not indicate the intent of the recipient. In other words, the response cannot be interpreted as a "Yes," "No," or a "question." Responses like "Thumbs Up" or a "Smiley face" leave the sender guessing if the recipient is interested in the offer or not.

People sometimes also use LinkedIn's "smart replies" that suggest three replies relevant to your conversation. Based on machine learning, LinkedIn's algorithms recommend typical responses for you to send on the spot. This feature of LinkedIn is a great time saver but sometimes gets used carelessly.

In all the situations when you get an unclear response, you now have the option to resume the sequence in we-connect.

Here is how:

  1. Click the campaign name from the campaign manager.

  2. Click the Inbox tab

  3. You will find the replied contacts as the default view with an active messaging window open to quickly check and respond to the contacts and the resume sequence button should appear on the top right of the messaging window. Please check the image below:

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