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How to add/remove a credit/debit card?
How to add/remove a credit/debit card?

How to set a credit/debit card as a default

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In this article we will help you to navigate through to change or edit your credit/debit card information and also to set a credit/debit card as default payment method.

How do I change the card on file for my subscription?

1. Click on the billing menu and select payment methods.

2. On that page, click on + Add payment method button.

3. Enter the new credit/debit card details and submit.

4. Click on set as default button under the newly added card details.

That's it, you have now successfully updated the card on file.

Please see the screenshot below for reference:

How do I delete the card information I have on file?

To delete your card information:

1. Visit the Payment Methods page from your Billings menu.

2. Click the remove button under the associated saved card (please refer to the screenshot above).

Please note that if you are currently subscribed to We-Connect, you will need one default card for the subscription to renew. If you do not want to continue the subscription and if you want to completely delete the card on file, then you will have to cancel the subscription and also delete your account.

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