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How to share your campaign template?
How to share your campaign template?

Share campaign template, Export campaign template

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You can now easily share or export your campaign template (the sequence steps and all campaign settings) with another LinkedIn account in the same plan or to another We-Connect account. This will help your team members, colleagues, or clients save time and quickly set up a similar campaign with their own list.

Please watch the video below or continue reading this article:

To share or export, click the campaigns menu from the left side menu bar and on the campaigns table select the campaign you want to share. Once the checkbox is selected you will see the share and download button appear on top right, click on the share button and then select the LinkedIn account from the dropdown, hit share and the campaign template will appear on the selected LinkedIn account's campaign manager table.

Please check the image below:

To download the campaign template, please click on the download button and the campaign template file will be downloaded in json format. Please check the image below:

To upload the campaign template json file, please first switch to the LinkedIn account in your plan or login to another We-Connect account and switch to the correct LinkedIn account you want the file to be uploaded, the data can be imported within a few clicks. Go to the settings menu from your left sidebar menu and click the “Import data” tab menu. Select the data type as “Campaign” and import the file. Please check the image below:

Once imported, the campaign template will appear on your campaigns table.

You can now easily share, download and import your saved replies, templates, saved lists and schedules as well. The process is the same, Please checkout this article for more information.

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