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How to setup SMTP on your White Label App?
How to setup SMTP on your White Label App?

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You have the option to configure your White label app to send out emails from your own servers. The following article will walk through the setup process.

In order to send emails through your own servers, you will first need to connect your White label app to your SMTP server.

To set up your SMTP settings on We-Connect:

  1. Enter SMTP Username.

  2. Enter SMTP password.

  3. Enter Outgoing SMTP Server.

  4. Enter Reply to Email.

  5. From (Sender) Name.

  6. From Email Address.

  7. Select Require TLS/SSL.
    โ€‹NOTE: This will be dependent on the Port you chose and should be accessible through your own email settings.

  8. Click Test SMTP Settings to send an email to your account to test the connection of your server.

(See the image below)


If you are using G-Suite for SMTP, you will have to generate an app password. Please see this article if you want to learn more about it.

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