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How to setup Stripe as your payment provider?
How to setup Stripe as your payment provider?

Stripe Integration on We-Connect

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Here is how you can setup Stripe as your payment provider and then integrate it with your We-Connect white label app.

  1. Create a Stripe account and collect the Stripe public and private keys, the below image will show you where to find the API keys on Stripe:


2. Insert the Stripe public and private keys on We-Connect Whitelabel setup page and click on the "Initialize Stripe Plans and Webhooks" button, please check the image below:

3. Once done, go to your Stripe account and select "Products" menu and under all products, you will see 2 new sample products with the name We-Connect created, check the image below for your reference:

You can now edit the sample product created by We-Connect on Stripe with your custom name or you can add a new product from scratch. Just click on the sample product name to view the details and check the pricing plan before you delete the sample product and create your own custom product and pricing plan.

Please do not forget to delete the We-Connect sample products or it will show up in the plans on your white label app.

4. After creating your product and pricing plan, you can go back to your white label app and on your plans page you will see the new plan and pricing that you have created on Stripe.

If you have any further questions, just chat with us from your We-Connect admin portal or from our website.

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