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Improve Your Email Deliverability with Custom URL Tracking
Improve Your Email Deliverability with Custom URL Tracking

Create custom tracking domain for click, open and opt-outs

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Learn how you can enhance email deliverability and tracking using custom URLs.

Note: By default, all emails are sent out using We-Connect tracking links. To improve email deliverability, we recommend you use a custom URL that matches your email domain.

To add a custom URL for your email campaigns:

1. Navigate to the email settings page until the settings tab.

2. Click the “edit” button in the top right corner of your screen. This enables you to make changes to your email settings.

3. After you enable edits, click on the “custom domain” button of the link you want to customize first. This tab will prompt you to add a custom link,

4. Once the custom domain section is opened, you can add your customer tracking link under “Your Custom Tracking Domain.”

Additionally, you’ll need to create a CNAME DNS record with your domain provider. Learn how to do so here.

5. Repeat the process for other tracking links for click and opens.

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