How to Create a ZAP?

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We-Connect offers ten different events so that you can sync we-connect data with your CRM, email app, google sheets, or any other third party app that offers Zapier integration. This article describes the steps of creating a zap for an event, “ When contact is marked as lead,” it automatically creates a new contact in Hubspot CRM.

You can use the same process to create a different type of zaps or connect with any other third party app.

Please use our invite only native integration link given below to start creating zaps

Watch this video or continue reading:

  1. Sign in to our Zapier account, click the above link and click the button ‘Accept Invite and Build a Zap.

2. Go to the Zaps section of your Zapier account and click Create Zap

3. Name your Zap and type in “We-connect” in the Choose App and Event space and select We-Connect(2.0.0)

4. Choose the trigger event.

From the drop-down menu I will select “Get Leads” event in this example (You can choose the appropriate events as per your needs) and hit continue.

5. Connect the We-Connect account with the Zapier account.

From the drop-down menu, select the account or (add a new account) you want to connect with Zapier and click continue.


6. Find Data and Test Trigger

7. Check the test data and click continue

8. Now choose the App you want to connect. In this example, we are connecting to Hubspot CRM.

9. Choose the action Event.

In this example, we want to create a new contact in Hubspot when contact is marked as a lead in We-Connect. We will therefore choose “Create Contact” from the drop-down menu and click continue.

10. Choose the correct Hubspot account or add a new account if you have not done it already from the dropdown.

11. In this example, we are going to add a new HubSpot account.

12. Verify and click the correct account

13. Connect the App

14. Customize Contact.

Customize and map the data fields you want to create in your Hubspot CRM. You need not choose all the fields. We will select First name, Last Name, Job Title, and company name and click continue in this example.

15. Send test Contact to Hubspot

16. Confirm the successful test and turn on the zap.

You will see a successful test message. You can also go to your HubSpot account and check the test contact has been successfully created. If all looks correct, turn on the Zap.

You have now successfully created your Zap and are all set.

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